Students love writing with these fun and exciting, step-by-step, cooperative learning writing activities. This book takes two dozen cooperative learning structures and provides over 100 proven, literature-based activities across the domains of wr...


It's easy to make mathematics cooperative and engaging with this book! Inside, you will find 7 highly interactive Kagan Structures and approximately 50 ready-to-use activities that fit the National curriculum. Your students will play Fan-N-Pick, ...


It's easy to make mathematics cooperative and engaging with this book! Inside, you will find 7 highly interactive Kagan Structures and nearly 50 ready-to-use activities that fit the standards. For example, your students will play Fan-N-Pick to id...

Cooperative Learning

Cooperative Meetings


Meetings are one of the few times that the faculty is together. When structured well, they become the royal road to creating a community of leaders and learners. This groundbreaking resource offers both a vision and map: It charts the course to b...

Higher Level Thinking

Decision Tools Software


Questioning and Decision-Making Tools for Teachers and Trainers. Asking questions and making decisions just got a whole lot more interesting and effective with this suite of visual tools. With 13 tools, you have the perfect tool for every group q...

Character and Personal Development

Developing Character Higher Level Thinking Questions


Respect! Responsibility! Integrity! Honesty! How do you develop these valued character traits? In this book of questions, you will find hundreds of questions, quotations and dilemmas to explore and develop character. Questions are provided in con...


This book has ready-to-use cooperative activities and reproducibles for teaching every decimal concept: Understanding, reading and writing, comparing and ordering, placing, rounding, estimating, adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, convert...

Boosting Communication and Building Classroom Community

Discussion Chips


Provocative sentence starters to encourage impassioned discussion about any topic. The pack has 6 great suggestions for using the chips to boost engagement. Boost interaction and learning. Learning Chips will have your class humming with interact...

Cooperative Learning

Dry Erase Markers


Set includes four, long-lasting, easy-to-erase bullet tip dry erase markers. For use with Kagan's dry erase AnswerBoards and MindMats.

Cooperative Learning

Early Primary TeamMats


This class set is designed to help you manage your little ones as they work in teams. Ten double-sided mats are included, enough for every team in the class. Each team places a mat in the centre of the team table or between them on the carpet. Pick which


You want to make maths engaging and take advantage of the power of peer tutoring and interaction, but you don’t have the time to plan all-new activities, nor the time to re-create all those maths worksheets. Don’t fret. All the work h...


Integrate higher-level thinking into your English curriculum with this powerful collection of ready-to-use questions. You will find hundreds of use-again questions to promote thinking, writing and discussion about: Adventure Stories, Book Review,...