Successful Secondary Lessons


Student engagement and time management are the biggest challenges teachers face in the block( 60+ minute lessons). This workshop will address both of these issues plus much more! You learn how to utilize cutting edge cooperative learning structures, evaluate teaching methods for engagement, plan for longer class periods, and energize students! Experience why cooperative learning produces gains and group work often fails. Finally, a class that has practical, hands-on ideas grounded in sound research and theory.

You Will Learn

Structures for Success™

  • Put the best research into practice in your classroom
  • Use cutting-edge structures that promote success
  • Boost your students’ achievement through practical, classroom-proven structures
  • Make your lessons come alive
  • Use strategies to reach all your students
  • Make learning more fun for everyone

Improve Your Class Climate

  • Create a caring, cooperative classroom through energizing classbuilding activities
  • Establish an environment where students feel connected and valued
  • Have fun with your students with indoor and outdoor cooperative sports and games
  • Promote full-class cooperation with scoring and recognition systems
  • Provide an opportunity for your students to develop self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Create an atmosphere where students see learning as a collaborative process
  • Foster belonging for students of all ability levels
  • Have fun with your students with indoor and outdoor cooperative sports and games
  • Establish a classroom environment where everyone wants to be—including you

Manage Your Class for Success

  • Make your room run smoothly, and your teaching day go easier with ‘Hot Tips’
  • Engage students and avoid classroom disruptions
  • Turn around your difficult students
  • Go home with more energy after each day
  • Reduce discipline problems
  • Save time with proven management ideas
  • Arrange your class to maximize success

Build Your Students’ Social Skills

  • Teach your students the skills they really need to succeed in school and throughout their lives
  • Promote caring, kindness, empathy, respect, and responsibility without separate lessons
  • Develop your students’ character in the context of learning together
  • Improve student relations in your class and beyond

Form Successful Learning Teams

  • Create and manage teams in your class where Together Everyone Achieves More
  • Learn a better approach than simple group work
  • Transform your lessons into engaging, interactive learning events that guarantee success
  • Release the power of true cooperative learning
  • Apply the ‘6 Keys’ to make it work for you

Supercharge Learning

  • Motivate your students to learn even the boring stuff, with structures that work
  • Watch your students delve deeper into the curriculum than you ever thought possible
  • Enhance your students’ mastery and achievement
  • Increase the number of students active at any one time
  • Generate higher-level thinking among all students
  • Increase student achievement and motivation
  • Implement incredible memory techniques

Extended Learning Time

  • Make your lessons more diverse
  • Hold all students accountable
  • Engage ALL students with more active participation

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