Kagan Model School Open House

Learn About and See Kagan Cooperative Learning In Action!

Visiting teachers will participate in professional learning sessions and then visit the classrooms to see the theory and structures in action. There is also opportunity to choose which classroom and which structure you’d like to see in action. Pick a classroom that will be demonstrating structures using your content. Or pick a Kagan Structure and see it in action with the teachers and students at St Michael’s School – Bassendean. St Michael’s teachers are masters at Kagan Structures. They will share their wealth of knowledge about their Kagan Cooperative Learning journey.

  • See Kagan Structures in action
  • Observe the social skills exhibited by the students
  • Observe classbuilding and teambuilding
  • Spice up your existing lessons with new, engaging strategies
  • See brain breaks with Silly Sports and Goofy Games

Network with experienced practitioners that “walk the talk, and live the results”

In the 3 sessions there is a focus on:

Session 1:  Teambuilding and Classbuilding with structures such as:

  • Mix Pair Share
  • Stand Up Hand Up Pair Up
  • Mix freeze Group
  • Inside Outside circle
  • RallyRobin
  • Timed Pair Share
  • Single RoundRobin
  • Continuous RoundRobin
  • Timed RoundRobin
  • Simultaneous RoundRobin
  • All Record RoundRobin
  • Fan-N-Pick

Session 2:    Knowledge Building, Procedure Learning and Processing Information with structures such as:

  1. Quiz-Quiz-Trade
  2. Inside Outside Circle
  3. Find Someone Who
  4. RallyCoach
  5. Fan-N-Pick
  6. Numbered Heads Together
  7. Showdown
  8. Learning Centre structures

Session 3:  Multi-structured lesson using teachers’ favourites covering all 7 Keys and Academic Functions

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