Anti Discrimination


Objectives – Policy Statement

1. Kagan Australia rejects all forms of discrimination. We are committed to the elimination of discrimination – including direct and indirect, vilification and harassment – in

our organisation, structures and culture, in our professional learning courses, and in the learning and working environments for which it is responsible.

2. No course participant, customer, employee, community member, should experience discrimination within the learning or working environments of our organisation.

3. Eradicating expressions of discrimination in learning and working environments, and challenging the attitudes that allow them to emerge, is the shared responsibility of all staff of Kagan Australia.

4. All staff contribute to the eradication of discrimination by promoting acceptance of Australia’s cultural, linguistic and religious diversity, challenging prejudiced attitudes and ensuring that sanctions are applied against racist and discriminatory behaviours.

Audience and applicability

5. The policy applies to all staff employed by Kagan Australia.


6. The NSW Anti-Discrimination Act (1977) along with the Commonwealth Racial Discrimination Act (1975) makes discrimination and vilification illegal in New South Wales. These Acts provide the legislative context and foundation for the Anti-Discrimination Policy of Kagan Australia Teacher Professional Learning.

7. The Complaints Handling Policy Guidelines establish the standard approach to resolving complaints about discrimination that is required to be used in all learning and working environments of Kagan Australia.

Responsibilities and delegations

8. The Directors of Kagan Australia are responsible for ensuring the implementation and monitoring of the policy so that discrimination does not occur in our practices

9. All staff are responsible for monitoring their own behaviour to ensure that it does not result in anyone experiencing discrimination.

Monitoring, and evaluation

10.    The Directors of Kagan Australia will monitor:

  •  the number of complaints actually resolved, and
  •  methods used to resolve complaints.

11.    Kagan Australia will maintain records of complaints concerning discrimination in accordance with the Complaints Handling Policy Guidelines and with the view of improving procedures and staff performance.


12.    Director, Kagan Australia 02 4982451102 49824511 or email

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