Cooperative Learning & Little Ones Pre-K-2

cooperative learning and little ones pre-k 2


The early grades are a critical time in a student’s education. Students come to class with vastly different abilities and experiences, and we want them all to experience early success academically and socially. Come learn the best Kagan Structures to engage all your little ones. Learn how to get your budding students to follow directions, how to work in teams, how to share and take turns, how to communicate effectively, how to think critically, and of course, how to master the content and skills to succeed in school. Kagan will give you the structures and adaptations necessary to make cooperative learning a huge hit with your youngsters. Start your little ones on the path to school success by nurturing important social and academic skills. Create a cooperative and caring classroom. Come away with ideas and activities you’ll be excited to implement the first day back and every day of school.

2 day course


Learn the secrets for success with Pre-K-2

  • Teach social skills by embedding in the curriculum
  • Watch as your students work well together
  • Help your students develop life-long social skills
  • Practice positive social skills every day without taking time away from learning
  • Use classroom-proven structures to teach your curriculum more successfully
  • Ensure success for all your students
  • Promote higher-level thinking with any curriculum

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