Workshop Highlights

  • Show students how to read closely to make logical inferences from texts
  • Structure team sharing to explain and describe points of view
  • Have students identify key ideas and details and share them with classmates
  • Use strategies to have students ask and answer questions to demonstrate understanding
  • Develop the skills of describing relationships between varying texts
  • Teach your class to cite specific textual evidence to support conclusions drawn from a text
  • Promote comprehension of complex literary and informational texts

Kagan Structures You Will Learn

  • RallyRobin
  • Both Record RallyRobin
  • Time Pair Share
  • RoundRobin
  • Tell Me Two
  • Question Dice
  • Picking Stickies
  • Placemat Consensus
  • Stir-the-Class
  • Talking Chips
  • It Says-I Say-And So
  • Rotating Role RoundRobin
  • Choose-A-Chip
  • Sage-N-Scribe
  • Paraphrase Passport

Materials You Will Receive

  • Reading Between the Lines Course Workbook