Secondary Mathematics

High school and secondary maths


You can be the best maths teacher your students ever had without having to work any harder. We’ll explore how to multiply mathematics mastery! With revolutionary Kagan Structures, activities, and ready-made worksheets, your students will be more engaged, challenged, and excited about maths. Release the power of Kagan Structures for number, data, measurement, space, algebra, geometry, problem solving, trigonometry, and calculus. Surpass the School Certificate and Higher School Certificate standards. You’ll come away with an equation you won’t soon forget: High School Mathematics + Kagan Structures = Increased Fun and Learning.

1 or 2 day workshop.

The Kagan Cooperative Learning Difference

  • Discover the Kagan Cooperative Learning difference
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of any activity with 4 Basic Principles
  • Form powerful learning teams; we’ll show you how
  • Learn essential cooperative management tips for a smooth-running class
  • Release the power of Kagan Structures tailored for secondary classrooms

The Advantage of Structures

  • Put the best research to practice with cutting-edge Kagan Structures
  • Learn powerful and proven structures for secondary mathematics
  • Leave with step-by-step instructions for over a dozen Kagan Structures
  • Transform your classes from teacher-centered to student-centered

Structures for Success™

  • Generate 100% active participation with Sage-n-Scribe
  • Practice concepts and drill skills with Pairs Check
  • Convert the classroom into a buzzing think tank using Mix-n-Match, Telephone, and Showdown
  • Learn classic structures like Traveling Heads Together, and Simultaneous RoundTable from the original source

Specifically for High School Mathematics

  • Experience a training custom-designed for number, data, measurement, space, algebra, geometry, problem solving, and trigonometry.
  • Experience sample activities specifically for your content
  • Process your new structures with fellow secondary mathematics teachers
  • Spice up your existing mathematics lessons with new, engaging structures for any lesson

Skyrocket Student Learning

  • Enjoy as your secondary students delve deeper into the curriculum than you ever thought possible
  • Boost achievement scores
  • Secondary students enjoy all levels of mathematics more than ever before
  • Motivate even reluctant learners
  • Leave no student behind

Stretch Your Success

  • Enhance student involvement and accountability
  • Teach for greater understanding while covering your secondary mathematics content
  • Expand your teaching tool box with a variety of new teaching tools
  • Release the power of student interaction with mathematical concepts, procedures, and problem-solving

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