Coaching in the Classroom

What is Kagan Coaching?

Kagan Coaching offers specific and immediate feedback as teachers teach.

If you want to raise student achievement and reach every student then the evidence is clear: GOOD TEACHERS MAKE THE DIFFERENCE. Student achievement depends on teacher quality. Kagan Australia will help you master Kagan Cooperative Learning Structures, structures that transform the way teachers teach and students learn.

Why Do Teachers Need Coaching?

Although teachers are drawn to Kagan Structures because of their ease to use and their step-by-step guides there is still a need to ensure that structures are being used correctly. This is why you need to consider Kagan Coaching.

The challenges of implementing a new strategy can be substantial; often your staff will need assistance in the context of their own classroom with their own students. Kagan Coaching offers the chance for teachers to learn in context and have ‘in-the-moment’ support.

What You Will Learn to Do As A Coach

Kagan Australia coaches are able to unobtrusively give teachers feedback while they are teaching because students using Kagan Cooperative Structures are so engaged working in teams this allows time for the coach to work with the class teacher to acknowledge the positives and provide a correction.

No one is ever put on the spot, the corrections needed are made and everyone wins! Just as a football or netball coach would find it a mistake to wait until the game is over to give his/her players feedback; after the lesson — is too little and too late. Through Kagan Coaching, teachers see immediate benefits from correct implementation of structures. This is exciting, inspiring and rewarding and has an immediate impact on your student’s success.

If you are responsible for teacher professional learning, or a leader responsible for staff development, Kagan Coaching presents opportunities for the ‘growth’ of teachers at every level and can be an essential component to your school success.

Kagan Coaching allows teachers to increase retention from workshops; it helps to establish consistent classroom practices leading to continuous improvement.

Course Highlights

You and your staff are excited because you’ve experienced Kagan’s transformational structures. You have seen them make a dramatic difference. Take the next step. Bring a Kagan Coach to your school! Maximise success for each teacher, each classroom, and every student.
The research is clear: Student achievement depends on teacher quality. Makes sense. What then is the best way to improve teacher quality? Kagan Coaching is Kagan’s breakthrough approach to enhancing the full range of teacher skills. Through working with thousands of teachers, Kagan has developed a revolutionary coaching method that is transforming teaching and boosting student outcomes. Rather than giving feedback out of context after a lesson, Kagan Coaching offers specific and immediate feedback as teachers teach.

Kagan will discuss your coaching needs and custom design a coaching program just for your school. Your Nationally Certified Kagan Coach will:
Observe and coach teachers as they use Kagan Structures
Ensure the critical elements to success are properly implemented
Identify strengths and offer practical, constructive feedback in a teacher-friendly, non-threatening format
The surest formula for improving teacher competence is to observe and coach each teacher as they teach, and help them take the next step toward success. Your Kagan Coach is on the same side as your staff with the same objectives: Improving outcomes for each student. If you want the best for your school, bring in the best. There’s no substitute for a Kagan Coach. Take the next step! Let Kagan tailor a coaching program to fit your needs.

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