CL & The Writing Process


1 Day Workshop

Would you like to see your students have passion for writing? Would you like to boost writing scores? Eliminate writer’s block? Acquire editing skills? Create supportive peer response groups? This is the workshop for you. This practical, hands-on writing workshop demonstrates ways to use Kagan Structures to enhance each stage of the writing process. Prewriting experiences crank up motivation to write. Positive peer response groups motivate students to edit and re-write. A variety of presentation structures make publishing a non-threatening opportunity to share. Kagan’s foolproof techniques successfully integrate writing across the curriculum. You leave this dynamic, experiential writing workshop with dozens of strategies for the eight stages of the writing process. Prepare your students to meet and exceed high national testing (NAPLAN) standards.

Orchestrate Student Success from Prewriting to Publishing

  • Experience a training custom designed for writing
  • Process your new structures with fellow K-9 teachers
  • Spice up your existing lessons with new, engaging structures
  • Generate 100% active participation in the writing process
  • Explore how Kagan structures improve writing
  • Create success for all by using the 8 stages of the writing process
  • Have engaged writers who are strategic, knowledgeable, motivated and social in their approach to learning and using the writing process

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