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    win-win discipline

    Win-Win Discipline is the most comprehensive classroom discipline program available!

    Win-Win transforms our concept of discipline. Discipline is not something we do to students it is something we help our students acquire – autonomous responsibility! This course goes beyond classroom management and provides a total philosophy of classroom discipline.

    Disruptions are guide posts. They tell us what kinds of responsible behaviours students need to learn – what needs to be taught.


    Live Online Format

    This workshop is an online version of Kagan’s signature training, Win-Win Discipline. Course materials are sent in advance, to be distributed to participants. The training is conducted live by a Kagan Australia International Trainer over Zoom online platform.

    Participants join the workshop using a computer, tablet, or smartphone with an internet connection 2wwith a camera and micophone. Participants learn dozens of structures to boost engagement and learning for every student, every lesson.

    Create discipline solutions where you win and your students win. Gain a new perspective on discipline problems and come away with tools that really work.

    Convert every disruption into a learning opportunity. Go beyond ending disruptions—teach responsible behaviors and life skills. In this Win-Win Discipline workshop, you’ll get what you need for implementing this successful discipline program:

    • identify the four types of disruptive behavior
    • recognise the seven positions from which they spring
    • know what to do in the moment-of-disruption.
    • learn to follow-up and to prevent future disruptions.

    Experience the power of the most comprehensive approach to discipline ever created!

    What You Will Learn

    Learn the approach to discipline that is transforming the field.

    • Convert every disruption into a learning opportunity.
    • Go beyond ending disruptions—teach responsible behaviours and life skills.
    • In this Win-Win Discipline 1 day course learn to handle all types of disruptions and experience effective strategies for today’s students.
    • Win-Win Discipline presents 195 Preventative Procedures to help teachers be proactive in their approach to manage disruptive incidents in their classrooms.
    • Learn “In the Moment of Disruption” structures which are easy-to-use, step-by-step strategies.
    • Learn and practice “Follow-Up” procedures

    Everyone Wins with Win-Win Discipline

    Convert disruptions into learning opportunities:

    1. Students win – they learn responsible ways to meet their needs for a lifetime
    2. The class wins – students spend their time learning in unhindered by disruptions
    3. You Win – as you get to teach without interruptions and boost your confidence in handing all types of disruptions.

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