Secondary English


If you teach Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Earth Science, or Physical Science, you’re in for a dynamic workshop. Transform your everyday curriculum into exciting and meaningful science explorations. Amplify student learning with Kagan Structures to make your science classes hands-on, minds-on, active learning experiences. Awaken students’ natural curiosity and let them discover the scientist within.

2 day workshop.



Would you like to be that unforgettable language arts teacher who students remember as the one who gave them skills for a lifetime? It’s easy and fun with Kagan Structures for the secondary language arts class. Make each stage of the writing process more fun and effective with interactive learning strategies. Generate passion for reading while enhancing comprehension. Learn easy-to-use structures to boost higher-level thinking and communication skills. Strengthen students’ acquisition of vocabulary and grammar, and their ability to write, edit, and proofread with powerful Kagan Structures. This active workshop is loaded with practical management tips, resources, and ideas to enrich students’ mastery of the language arts.

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