Higher Level Thinking

SmartCard- Think Trix


A Smartcard about thinking. ThinkTrix is a simple strategy to create powerful thinking questions that enhance students' thinking about any subject. Use the "Thinking Matrix" to develop questions, worksheets, and tests that promote seven fundament...

Cooperative Learning

SmartCard- Think-Pair-Share


This a Smartcard about Think-Pair-Share. This is your user's guide to one of the most simple, yet most powerful cooperative learning structures out there. With this SmartCard in your hands, you will have a world of options to get your students th...

Higher Level Thinking

SmartCard- Thinking Questions


Skyrocket critical and creative questions in your classroom with carefully crafted questions. One of the most frequent and important thing teachers do is ask questions. In fact, teachers ask up to hundreds of questions per day. This easy-referenc...


Use the hundreds of open-ended higher-level thinking questions to venture beyond the basic facts in social studies. Topics including: Culture, Current Events, Explorers, Government, Historical Characters, Historical Events and more! - includes intriguing questions for the most popular social studies topics and themes including: Culture, Current Events, Explorers, Government, Historical Characters, Historical Events and more! Questions are provided ...

Early Childhood



This bright, colourful spinner is a fun, effective way for early learners to grasp concepts. Students can play alone, with a partner, in small groups, or as an entrie class.

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English and Literacy

Story Discussion Chips


Questions to promote in-depth understanding of and interaction over any story. The pack has 6 great suggestions for using the chips to boost engagement. Boost interaction & learning. Learning Chips will have your class humming with interactio...


A secondary chemistry book full of teaching and learning resources for teachers of secondary students. This book contains so many exciting explorations and cooperative, interactive structures, your students will react to chemistry like never befo...

Cooperative Learning

Student Selector – Individual


Empower your students! Keep everyone on their toes! Be sure everyone is participating! Each team gets their own Student Selector. When it's time to see who will be the Materials Monitor or the Recorder, teammates give it a spin. When it's time to...


The SwitchBoard is a plastic write-n-wipe pouch with 8 switchable inserts. When it's time to compare and contrast, students unzip their SwitchBoards, and place the Venn Diagram insert as the top sheet inside the transparent pouch. They now have a...


The Switch Board book is full of teaching and learning resources for primary teachers. More than 150 ready-to-use templates for: 1) Graphic Organisers, 2) Mathematics, 3) English, 4) Science, 5) Social Studies, 6) Response Cards, and 7) Games. Te...


Team Tools


Creating the perfect teams can be a brain-racking, time-consuming process. Now, you simply click a button. TeamTools takes your class info and recommends teams for you. If you like the recommended teams, you save, print, or display them for your ...

Cooperative Learning

Teambuilder Cube


Questions to get to know and like teammates. Learning Cubes are squishably soft and quiet-to-roll 7.5 cm foam cubes. On each of the six sides of the cube is a different student question or activity prompt. The best part about them is they can be used over and over again with any new topic you're studying. You'll be amazed how useful these cubes are. Your students will love rolling these cubes to interact over the subject matter.