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Silly Sports & Goofy Games Flip Chart Flip your way to fun with this desk flip chart. Every page has step-by-step directions to play a game from Silly Sports & Goofy Games. The 30 games include terrific tag games, happy helper games, creative coordinations, meaningful movements, crazy challenges, beautiful balances, ridiculous relays, and goofy games. Too much energy in your class? Get the wiggles out with a quick silly sport. Or maybe the energy level in your class is too low to learn. Flip to one of these beloved games to re-energise and refocus your students. Measures 21.5 x 28 cm. MFLSS 


Each text feature is succinctly described along with an interactive activity idea to cement understanding of each text feature. Make the most of using informational texts of all types across all academic subject areas!...


Bring joy and play to your classroom. Quickly energise your students. Take a brief brain break. This SmartCard features step-by-step directions for 12 favourite games from the longtime bestselling book, Silly Sports & Goofy Games.