Brain Friendly Teaching
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Brain Friendly Teaching

Teach the Way Brains Best Learn!


1 Day Workshop (All Years)

You will:


  •   Learn about how the brain actually learns
  •   Learn which instructional strategies are brain-friendly and which are not
  •   View actual brain scans demonstrating how to boost engagement and retention
  •   Learn simple structures to use as part of any lesson
  •   Learn the six principles of brain-friendly teaching in a way you will never forget
  •   Learn about the five distinct memory systems and how to make your content unforgettable
  •   Create total participation and engagement without fear and embarrassment
  •   Experience brain-compatible Kagan Structures to skyrocket learning

Come turn on your brain in this active hands-on, brains-on interactive workshop. Learn to boost motivation and achievement as you create your brain-friendly classroom.

What Participants Say

“Excellent! I think every teacher should have knowledge of how the brain works and how this is related to how kids learn.”

Monique, English high school teacher

 “I appreciate the Kagan approach. Our students need very clear brain friendly – socially sensitive teaching. Kagan’s work has made a difference in education today.”

Rebecca, Year 3 teacher

“This was very well presented. I will be able to go back to my class this week and apply strategies that I know will be more friendly to my students learning.”

John, Year 5 teacher