Structure A Month Club
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Structure A Month Club (SAM Club)

 1 Day Workshop

Pre-requisite: Cooperative Learning 5 Day Course

You or instructional leaders in your school emphasise one structure each month. You provide experiential training for your staff, and offer to generate implementation ideas. Without overwhelming your staff, you will help teachers boost engagement in their classrooms in a friendly and paced format. At the end of the year, you will have empowered your staff with a powerful toolkit of Kagan Structures. Come learn the ins and outs of running your school, faculty or grade SAM Club.

You Will Learn

  •   Elements of a SAM Club
  •   SAM Club Topics
  •   Kagan Structure Planning Form
  •   Making Meetings Meaningful
  •   Promoting SAM Club
  •   Preparing Participants
  •   Planning Your SAM Club Program