Cooperative Learning 1 Day Workshop
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Structures for Cooperative Learning


Day 1 Workshop

Want to engage students? Want to raise test scores? Want teacher-friendly strategies to implement tomorrow? This workshop is for you! You experience cutting edge teaching structures to create classroom success now and forever! In addition, you learn management tips, how to form effective teams, strategies for creating a cooperative class through teambuilding and classbuilding, and why cooperative learning produces gains and group work often fails. Finally, a class that has practical, hands-on ideas grounded in sound research and theory.

You Will Learn

Structures for Success

  • Learn cutting-edge teaching structures to create classroom success now—and forever
  • Save valuable time and energy with easy-to-use structures that make lesson planning a snap
  • Release the power of true cooperative learning
  • Engage all your students throughout each lesson with NEW cooperative learning

Manage Your Class for Success

  • Take home tried-and-true management tips that make teaching easier and more effective
  • Arrange your classroom for success
  • Keep students on task, and effectively manage disruptions with engaging structures
  • Lessen your load, make teaching easier

Create a Caring, Cooperative Class

  • Create a positive learning environment through fun and easy classbuilding activities
  • Improve your class atmosphere and your students’ liking for class and school
  • Boost your students’ self-esteem
  • Establish a learning environment where everyone wants to be—including you

Solve Common Problems

  • Learn why group work doesn’t work
  • Use PIES to create powerful learning
  • Create success for all by eliminating ‘hitchhiking’
  • Increase learning and decrease discipline problems in your class
  • Learn how to intrinsically motivate your students to succeed without resorting to group grades

Form Effective Teams

  • Improve student relations and classroom culture with cooperative teams
  • Overcome potential resistance with teambuilding
  • Take home sure-fire tips to make teams click
  • Make working together fun and successful

Improve Test Scores

  • Boost your students’ test scores
  • Use simple, easy-to-learn structures in your class to create active involvement like never before
  • Take advantage of the power of cooperative learning
  • Make learning stick with powerful review structures
  • Reach your hard-to-reach students
  • See results!

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