Win-Win Discipline Days 3, 4 or 5 Course
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Win-Win Discipline

3, 4 or 5 Day Program


Win-Win Discipline is the most concrete and comprehensive classroom discipline program available. Win-Win transforms our very concept of discipline. Discipline is not something we do to students; it is something we help students acquire! Do discipline problems make teaching a challenge? Are there problems in your classroom you'd love to eliminate? Come learn winning strategies for every discipline problem. Win-Win Discipline gives you concrete strategies for prevention, for the moment-of-disruption, and for follow-ups. You learn to recognise and respond differently to the seven positions that lead to almost all discipline problems. Learn to team up with disruptive students, helping them learn responsible ways to meet their needs. The disruptive student wins. He/she learns responsible ways to meet needs so disruptions are unnecessary. The class wins. Students spend their time learning, unhindered by disruptions. You win. You get to teach without interruptions and won't get irritated or burnt-out. Win-Win changes everything. Come to school excited to teach!

You Will Learn

Solve Your Daily Discipline Problems

  •   Boost your confidence in handling all types of disruptions you face
  •   Learn effective strategies for today's students
  •   Promote responsible behaviour in your classroom
  •   Understand why your students misbehave
  •   Learn the world's most comprehensive approach to discipline

Know Why Your Students Misbehave

  •   Identify when your students are seeking attention or avoiding failure; learn what to do about it
  •   Know when your students are venting anger and how to respond appropriately
  •   Channel your overly energetic students' disruptive behaviour into productive learning
  •   Actively engage your disengaged, bored students
  •   Identify when students are seeking control; teach them responsible ways to obtain a sense of control

Know Just What to Do When a Student...

  •   Displays aggressive behaviour toward another student
  •   Confronts you
  •   Breaks the rules
  •   Withdraws
  •   Clowns around; distracts your class

Make Teaching Fun & Rewarding

  •   Focus on teaching and learning, not on managing and disciplining your students
  •   Make the most of your time in class
  •   Create a safe, comfortable place to learn
  •   Feel rewarded after each day, not stressed out
  •   Don't let disruptions drag everyone down
  •   Adopt instructional and management methods that sidestep discipline problems
  •   Make your class a non-threatening, fun place to be

Use Successful Intervention Strategies

  •   Learn nonverbal, verbal, and action strategies for intervening with each type of disruption
  •   Adopt preventative discipline strategies
  •   Implement proven moment-of-disruption strategies
  •   Follow-up with proven structures
  •   Make disruptions a learning opportunity
  •   Learn the 7 'best-ever' discipline strategies
  •   Know when to use each strategy, and when to avoid a strategy that will backfire
  •   Lead students from disruptive behaviour to positive positions

Prevent Disruptions for Good

  •   Select appropriate long-term interventions to prevent disruptions in your class
  •   Balance the Big 3 in your classroom—curriculum, instruction, and management
  •   Examine your leadership and relationship style
  •   Incorporate individual encouragements
  •   Create a positive classroom community
  •   Establish alliances with parents and community

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