Win-Win Discipline Day 2 Workshop
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Win-Win Discipline™

Day 2 Workshop

Go beyond the basics. Practice and master a range of step-by-step Win-Win Discipline structures and strategies. Explore a world of methods to create a collaborative community of learners—each one working to make class "the way we want our class to be." Discover fresh discipline structures to implement the three pillars of Win-Win Discipline and discover how easy it is to convert disruptions into learned responsibility. Go beyond the basics in recognising, understanding, and responding to the seven student positions. What do participants say? "I now view my disruptive students in a totally different way. Finding win-win solutions is now easy."

You Will Learn:

Learn the Win-Win Discipline Basics

  •   Adopt the Win-Win philosophy: You win, and your students win
  •   Convert disruptive positions to "Positive Positions"
  •   Analyse at the individual and class levels
  •   Tailor responses to both behavior and position
  •   Maintain control while fostering student dignity and responsibility

Identify the ABCD's of Disruptions

  •   Aggression—Treat different types of aggression appropriately
  •   Breaking the rules—Clarify rules, create buy-in
  •   Confrontational behaviors—Side step the power play
  •   Disengaged students—Create engagement through sure-fire structures

Know Just What to Do When a Student...

  •   Displays aggressive behaviour toward another student
  •   Confronts you
  •   Breaks the rules
  •   Withdraws
  •   Clowns around; distracts your class

Make Teaching Fun & Rewarding

  •   Focus on teaching and learning, not on managing and disciplining
  •   Make the most of your time in class
  •   Create a safe, comfortable learning environment
  •   Feel rewarded after each day, not stressed out
  •   Don't let disruptions drag you or your class down

Use Successful Intervention Strategies

  •   Learn nonverbal, verbal, and action strategies for intervening with each type of disruption
  •   Learn the 7 'best-ever' discipline strategies
  •   Know when to use each strategy, and when to avoid a strategy that will 'backfire'

Prevent Disruptions for Good

  •   Select appropriate long-term interventions to prevent disruptions
  •   Balance curriculum, instruction, and management
  •   Examine your leadership and relationship style
  •   Create a positive classroom community
  •   Establish alliances with parents and community

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