Praise for Kagan
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Praise for Kagan

1. From a Mathematics Teacher (Waratah Technology Campus – Newcastle, NSW)

Below is a ‘Testimony’ written by Stephen Parish, maths teacher, Waratah Technology Campus.

"Kagan Cooperative Learning gave me the tools for today!!!!!!!

I decided I wanted to sell my business and return to teaching. After 18 years away, the classroom was a totally different place. The big difference, 18 years ago my main concern was how best to present a concept, today it is how do I get the students interested enough to apply  themselves and stay on task.

My good fortune was to gain a teaching position at Waratah Technology Campus, which was promoting „Kagan Cooperative Learning?.

Kagan structures and philosophies gave me the tools I needed to engage disinterested students. For example, the rational for forming groups and a seating plan effectively provided me with tutors in my classroom. The big surprise being, that some of my difficult students began to use their leadership abilities to instruct their subordinate cronies in maths.

The game like qualities of the structures and social interaction is appealing and preferred to a traditional maths lesson without any loss of learning. In fact, with the benefit of peer support greater learning is taking place.

Today I am living in the UK and just completed an interview for a teaching position, which included a demonstration lesson. An outline of my demonstration lesson consisted of:-

  •    SHOW ME – a great structure to quickly ascertain the ability level of the class
  •                 NUMBERED HEADS TOGETHER

                      SOLO QUESTION

I don't know if I have the job yet but the observer of the lesson said that was great and proceeded to ask me questions about steps in the structures.

Teaching is still very challenging, but if I had not found the tools that Kagan Cooperative Learning has given me, I expect that I would have thought that going back into teaching was a mistake. As it is, I don?t see myself doing anything else."

2. Participants Reviews from our Perth workshop:

“This is the BEST*** professional development that I have experienced and I am a PD junky! The content links all the best practice. I love finding out about current brain research and the structures incorporate it – YEH!! Why the hell isn?t every school in the world doing KAGAN!!!”
Rebecca Michaelson, Primary teacher 



 Every single thing that was presented had something that I can use in my classroom. It was realistic, in that it recognised real classrooms – something rare in PD. Inspirational!!”
Phil Reading, High School Social Studies Teacher
 “I feel empowered after this workshop. It was so worthwhile. I am positive that I can implement the structures and theories I have learnt because I am confident with the scaffolding and tools I have been given. I am excited to get back to the classroom to students who will be engaged.”
Hazel Granville, Language teacher
 “Extremely relevant to students with speech and language impairments. As a school we use cooperative learning but will now structure this more effectively using PIES. I?m excited and inspired to use structures ”
Nichola Middlemiss, Peel Language School
 “The very best PD I have ever been to. Lots to take away and use. Will practice structures and share with fellow staff members."
Marie Grljusich, Numeracy Specialist, East Waikiki Primary School
 “It brought home the importance of making kids get up and get oxygen and glucose going! I learnt so many new structures. Love the use of music. Won?t forget PIES!! Feel so inspired and can't wait to use this!”
Amanda Harper, Kindy teacher
 “Excellent, gave us the reasons for using cooperative learning and not just group work. Fantastic strategies to take home and start using. Held our attention for the whole 5 days. Doing the structures during the presentation was such a wonderful learning experience.”
Geraldine Lamond, Principal
“So action packed – I didn't think I would be able to keep up but you have structured so much revision and reflection throughout the week – it was easy. I can't wait to put this into practise. My son is just starting teacher training and I want him to know about this at the beginning of his career. A MUST DO!!”
Fiona Hunt, Maths specialist
 “Extremely relevant, motivational and completely useful. The best PD I have attended. I have absolutely no doubts that I will be able to implement these structures with my students – Thank you.” Amander Heruer, Yr 6 & 7 teacher “It has taught me what cooperative learning really means. It has given both theory and practical structures to succeed in the classroom. The best professional development I have ever had.”
Mary Ford, Christmas Island K – 12 teacher

3. Participants Reviews from our NSW workshops:

 “Great hands on activities to ensure students are engaged in learning and therefore increased self esteem. A wonderful way to increase/practise social skills. The best thing I've learned since beginning teaching in 1970!!”
Paula Turner, Yr 6 teacher, Coal Point PS
 "Content was practical, and applicable to all classes."
Teacher Yrs 7-12 De La Salle Ashfield
 "Excellent. We were given lots of strategies, games – we did them and now we are able to use them with our students. The content was excellent because it made learning fun."
Yr 9-12 Teacher De La Salle Ashfield
 "A great day, with good instructional principles. Great ideas to take back and try. Good to hear theory base behind structures."
Support Teacher Mary Immaculate Quakers Hill
 "Hands on, get in there and practise the things we will be inviting students to do."
Yr 6 teacher Mary Immaculate Quakers Hill
 "Brilliant!! – really opened my eyes to cooperative learning and how much more of an advantage children are when using in the classroom. (And how restrictive other methods can be)"
Melinda Yr 6 Teacher
 "Lots of valuable ideas to put into practice."
Maree Salkeld Yr 1 teacher
 "Excellent, practical, immediately useable in the classroom."
Learning Support Teacher Mary Immaculate Quakers Hill
 "Very relevant and looking forward to using it more effectively within my classroom. Enjoyed actively participating in activities – able to put myself in my students shoes. Initial intimidation turned to fun and laughter along with learning."
Karen Burgess Yr 4 Teacher & Coordinator.
 "As a first year teacher .... I have now got a lot of fantastic ideas to use within my classroom!"
Year 2 teacher
 "Opened up a different way of helping children to participate and learn in class. We had fun as we were learning."
Year 2 Teachers Aide
 "Lots of new and challenging ideas. Great philosophy. Will certainly begin and use some of the ideas."
Yr 1 teacher
 "Good ideas for ensuring all children are engaged and feel safe to engage in learning."
Yr 6 teacher
 "Very comprehensive, main principles of cooperative learning clearly articulated and nuances that distinguish CL from other teaching approaches. CL structures easy to apply to classroom – learnt by doing."
Year 6 teacher

4. Teacher Professional Learning

Being introduced to Kagan Cooperative Learning and integrating it into my teaching practice has revolutionised everything I do in the classroom. I firmly believe that I am a far more effective teacher than ever before and the enjoyment my students and I experience by using Kagan in the classroom is immeasurable.
Peter, HT HSIE, Winner Australian Quality Teachers Award 2009

For those new to cooperative learning it has provided both the theory behind cooperative learning and practical strategies for the teachers to use in the classroom.
Amy, Deputy Principal, WA

Everything about the presentation was extremely exciting! The content of this program is very engaging and can be effectively implemented in the classroom. Each aspect is independently designed to promote a variety of instructional practices that will ensure all students will experience success! It’s great!
Melissa, K–6 teacher, ACT

It is all about engagement! This has so much potential to engage all students. I understand better the differences between group work & cooperative learning.
Suzanne J, Support Teacher–Numeracy, NSW




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