Implementation Plans
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School, Cluster and District Planning

I would be pleased to discuss your school, cluster or district's needs and see how Kagan Australia can help you make a positive long-term impact on student engagement, achievement, and school culture. Whether you're looking for a multi-year school plan or a large-scale district improvement plan, Kagan is here to help. We know what works. I look forward to working with you!

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Let Kagan Australia help you develop a successful school, cluster or district implementation plan. Kagan Structures are engagement tools that work within and support powerful systemic initiatives such as Professional Learning Communities (PLC), Response to Intervention (RTI) and Positive Behavioural Interventions and Supports (PBIS). The Kagan Structures can also be used as a stand-alone instructional innovation to boost engagement and achievement.

The ultimate goal of staff development is to create positive change. It is essential that any new innovation be part of a structured school improvement process that includes training, monitoring, support and resources. As a leader in research-based instruction, Kagan recognises that change takes time. Improvement in student performance only occurs after teachers have time to development new skills in a collaborative and supportive environment.

Yvonne Collings, Director Kagan Australia, will assist schools to develop plans that include key elements of school improvement such as teacher training, school leaders or executive training, coaching, implementation monitoring, and assessment. In addition, Yvonne will work with schools to build internal capacity so that Kagan Cooperative Learning becomes part of the school culture.

Learn more about the components of Kagan’s Implementation Plans:

  Long-term Plans: Preview Kagan Australia's recommendations for long-term improvement plans. Plans include multi-year training and support options for teachers and school leaders and executive. Includes different options to fit your needs as well as successful sample plans. 

  Next Steps: If your teachers have experienced a day or two of Kagan professional development and you're looking to take the next steps, take a peek at Kagan Australia's recommended next steps. 

  Kagan Coaching: Ensure Kagan is being implemented with fidelity. Your Kagan Australia Coach will observe your teachers and offer specific and immediate feedback to improve implementation. Bridge the gap between training and classroom implementation.

  Kagan Lesson Planning: You can infuse engagement and interaction into just about any lesson by using a Kagan Structure. Kagan Australia trainers will sit down with your year level teams, content area teams, or curriculum specialists to plan lessons to make your own curriculum more engaging. 

  Research & Rationale: Kagan Structures are scientifically research-based strategies that are backed by classroom evidence from districts, schools, and teachers experiencing success with Kagan. View achievement data and read articles supporting the use of Kagan. 

Find out about hosting a Kagan training for your school or district. Our fees and costs are outlined and read about the Kagan Philosophy. If you still have questions, then find an answer in our Frequently Asked Questions section. Detailed plans for implementing the training are provided to assist principals and school leaders