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Oct - Dec 2012

Course Outlines - What You Will Learn

Structures for Cooperative Learning

5-Day Institute or Single Day Courses 1-5

Do you want to raise student achievement?  Want to reach every student? Want a practical "Do-it-Tomorrow" guide that incorporates all the latest findings to motivate students? Experience the difference! Come learn Kagan Structures for Active Engagement at the most spectacular training of the year! If you have not attended a multi-day Kagan Institute before, this is the institute for you. Especially powerful for secondary teachers teaching in the block and for elementary teachers wanting to increase engagement and boost test scores. Learn how to build powerful learning teams in your classroom. Use the Kagan methods for team formation, teambuilding, classbuilding, management, mastery, higher-level thinking, and social skills. You'll leave with dozens of Kagan Structures that are easy to use tomorrow and for a lifetime. Finally a class that has practical, hands-on ideas grounded in sound research and theory!

 Supercharge Learning

  • • Motivate your students to learn even the boring stuff, with structures that work
  • • Watch your students delve deeper into the curriculum than you ever thought possible
  • • Enhance your students' mastery and achievement
  • • Implement incredible memory techniques
  • • Generate higher-level thinking among all students

    Advanced Cooperative Learning Through Multiple Intelligences

     2-Day Workshop

    Pre-requisite: Cooperative Learning 5 Day Course

    MI Lessons are too hard. Do you really have time to design your lessons to engage all the intelligences? Learn how to differentiate instruction by providing multiple windows into your curriculum with Kagan MI Structures! You explore the eight intelligences in depth, learn the three MI visions, and create a caring environment that appreciates each child's uniqueness. In addition, walk away with effective management tips and step-by-step instructions for cutting edge, practical, proven Kagan Structures. Not only will your students love your classroom, you will love their achievement scores!

    Step it up to the next level!

    • • Differentiate your instruction by providing multiple windows into your curriculum
    • • Make your curriculum accessible to all your students with all patterns of intelligences
    • • Boost learning by reaching students through their natural strengths
    • • Release your students' hidden potential
    • • More fully engage all your students
    • • Recognize your own pattern of intelligences
    • • Take home cutting-edge, practical Kagan structures to promote success in your classroom
    • • Receive step-by-step instructions for each structure



    Win-Win Discipline™

    2-Day Workshop

    Go beyond the basics. Practice and master a range of step-by-step Win-Win Discipline structures and strategies. Explore a world of methods to create a collaborative community of learners—each one working to make class "the way we want our class to be." Discover fresh discipline structures to implement the three pillars of Win-Win Discipline and discover how easy it is to convert disruptions into learned responsibility. Go beyond the basics in recognizing, understanding, and responding to the seven student positions. What do participants say? "I now view my disruptive students in a totally different way. Finding win-win solutions is now easy."

    Learn the Win-Win Discipline Basics

    • • Adopt the Win-Win philosophy: You win, and your students win
    • • Convert disruptive positions to "Positive Positions"
    • • Analyse at the individual and class levels
    • • Tailor responses to both behaviour and position
    • • Maintain control while fostering student dignity and responsibility


    Structures for Brain-Friendly Instruction™

    1 Day Workshop

    Teaching the way the brain learns best is the focus of this workshop! You learn the five principles of brain-friendly instruction along with easy-to-use, research-based structures that address each principle. You will love trying on practical proven methods to create safety, provide nourishment, engage the emotions, and activate different memory systems. Don't miss this hands-on, interactive workshop! Students blossom when you create a brain-friendly classroom!

    Learn the Latest in Brain Science to Maximise Learning

    • • Learn the latest in brain research; apply it to improving instruction
    • • See how your 1.4 kilogram miracle actually processes information
    • • Target the brain centres for emotion, memory, attention, and thinking
    • • Align your instruction with how the brain best learns
    • • Create security and interest by balancing predictability and novelty
    • • Explore ways to increase the quantity and quality of brain-friendly feedback
    • • Leave with clear, step-by-step instructions
    • • Target the brain's 5 memory systems

    Cooperative Learning for Little Ones

    1-Day Workshop


    The early grades are a critical time in a student’s education.  Students come to class with vastly different abilities and experiences, and we want them all to experience early success academically and socially.  Come learn the best Kagan Structures to engage all your little ones.  Learn how to get your budding students to follow directions, how to work in teams, how to share and take turns, how to communicate effectively, how to think critically, and of course, how to master the content and skills to succeed in school.  Kagan will give you the structures and adaptations necessary to make cooperative learning a huge hit with your youngsters.  Start your little ones on the path to school success by nurturing important social and academic skills.  Create a cooperative and caring classroom.  Come away with ideas and activities you’ll be excited to implement the first day back and every day of school.



    Learn the secrets for success with Prep – K - 2

    • • Teach social skills by embedding in the curriculum
    • • Watch as your students work well together
    • • Help your students develop life-long social skills
    • • Practice positive social skills every day without taking time away from learning
    • • Use classroom-proven structures to teach your curriculum more successfully
    • • Ensure success for all your students
    • • Promote higher-level thinking with any curriculum

     Cooperative Learning & The Writing Process

    1 Day Workshop

    Would you like to see your students have passion for writing? Would you like to boost writing scores? Eliminate writer’s block? Acquire editing skills? Create supportive peer response groups? This is the workshop for you. This practical, hands-on writing workshop demonstrates ways to use Kagan Structures to enhance each stage of the writing process. Prewriting experiences crank up motivation to write. Positive peer response groups motivate students to edit and re-write. A variety of presentation structures make publishing a non-threatening opportunity to share. Kagan’s foolproof techniques successfully integrate writing across the curriculum. You leave this dynamic, experiential writing workshop with dozens of strategies for the eight stages of the writing process. Prepare your students to meet and exceed high national testing (NAPLAN) standards.

     Orchestrate Student Success from Prewriting to Publishing

    • • Experience a training custom designed for writing
    • • Process your new structures with fellow K-9 teachers
    • • Spice up your existing lessons with new, engaging structures
    • • Generate 100% active participation in the writing process
    • • Explore how Kagan structures improve writing
    • • Create success for all by using the 8 stages of the writing process
    • • Have engaged writers who are strategic, knowledgeable, motivated and social in their approach to learning and using the writing process


    Cooperative Learning & Literacy

    1 Day Workshop


    Reading is the single best predictor of overall achievement. A comprehensive literacy approach is the single best predictor of reading success for all students. If you want to reduce the achievement gap, this is the workshop for you! Come learn engaging instructional strategies to incorporate balanced literacy into your daily curriculum. You will experience and learn to apply fresh structures that dramatically increase not only reading comprehension, but also vocabulary, reading fluency, writing, word study and phonemic awareness. Learn remedies for reluctant and struggling readers: increase reading fluency and comprehension among all students.


     Proven Strategies for All Dimensions of Literacy

    • • Spice up your existing lessons with new, engaging structures
    • • Generate 100% active participation in all aspects of literacy
    • • Explore how Kagan structures improve literacy
    • • Create success for all by creating a safe and caring environment
    • • Learn ways to engage students in activities that develop knowledge
    • • Have engaged readers who are strategic, knowledgeable, motivated and social in their approach to learning and using literacy

    Mathematics/Numeracy  K-9

    1 Day Workshop


    Add zing to your daily maths/numeracy lessons! Boost attention and retention with highly-engaging structures for math/numeracy instruction. Instead of working independently on drill and kill worksheets, your students will be totally engaged with structures such as Jigsaw Problem Solving. You don’t have to change what you are teaching at all. You’ll learn easy-to-use tools to boost engagement with your existing curriculum. Come learn interactive structures you can use time and again with any math/numeracy lesson. Your students will love to work together. When they’re interacting over maths/numeracy, they’ll learn more than ever before. Meet and exceed high maths/numeracy national testing (NAPLAN) standards.


    Learn the best structures for mathematics

    • • Experience a training custom designed for mathematics/numeracy
    • • Process your new structures with fellow teachers
    • • Spice up your existing maths/numeracy lessons with new, engaging structures
    • • Generate 100% active participation in mental maths
    • • Practice concepts and drill skills with Pairs Check
    • • Create success for all by creating individual accountability


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