Overview Of Courses
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Professional Learning Courses

Structures for Cooperative Learning

Participants learn to use Kagan's easy cooperative learning structures in every lesson with little or no teacher preparation. Learn the basics of teamformation, teambuilding, classbuilding, management, scoring and recognition, assessment, the basic PIES principles, and a range of dynamic cooperative learning strategies.

Day 1 Workshop, Day 2 Workshop, Day 3 WorkshopDay 4 Workshop & Day 5 Workshop

Classbuilding and Teambuilding

Build caring and cooperative teams with teambuilding structures and activities. Your classroom becomes a caring community in which each student feels known, accepted and appreciated.

Day 1 Workshop & Day 2 Workshop

Cooperative Learning in the Early Primary Classroom (K-Pre-1, Pre K-2)

Primary teachers love our "lessons for little ones." Learn how to promote social and academic gains through proven strategies for early primary students.

 1 - Day Workshop & 2 - Day Workshops

Brain Friendly Learning

Day 1 Workshop

Kagan Coaching in the Classroom

1 Day Workshop

Structure A Month Club (SAM Club)

1 Day Workshop

Cooperative Meetings

Executive members and lead teachers learn proven methods to bring staff, students and executive members together to create the cooperative school.

2 - Day Workshop


Learn fresh instructional strategies to incorporate balanced literacy into your daily curriculum. You will experience and learn to apply fresh structures that dramatically increase not only reading comprehension, but also vocabulary, reading fluency, writing, word study, and phonemic awareness.

Cooperative Learning Across the Curriculum achievement is dramatically improved through an integration of innovations in both curriculum and instruction. This multi-day training shows how to deliver the best of curriculum through the best of instructional strategies.

CL & Comprehensive Literacy 1 Day Workshop & CL & the Writing Process 1 Day Workshop

Secondary English

Deliver dynamite English and literacy lessons everyday that will generate passion for reading while enhancing comprehension. Learn easy-to-use structures to boost higher-level thinking and communication skills.

 1 - Day Workshop & 2 - Day Workshop

K-9 Maths & Numeracy

Add zing to your daily maths and numeracy lesson. Boost attention and retention with highly-engaging structures for maths and numeracy instruction. Come learn interactive structures you can use time and again with any maths and numeracy lesson. Your students will love to work together on problem solving and when they are interacting over maths and numeracy, they’ll learn more than ever before.

Day 1 Workshop & Day 2 Workshop

Secondary Maths

Be the best maths teacher your students ever had. With revolutionary Kagan Structures, activities, and ready-made worksheets, your students will be more engaged, challenged, and excited about maths.

Day 1 Workshop & Day 2 Workshop

Secondary Science

Teach science content and science process skills through easy-to-learn, easy-to-use hands-on cooperative learning strategies.

Day 1 Workshop & Day 2 Workshop

Structures for Successful Secondary Lessons

Leave this seminar ready to implement proven strategies for today’s high school students.  Particularly designed to assist secondary teachers with longer teaching periods (greater than the traditional 40 minute period).

Day 1 Workshop & Day 2 Workshop

Secondary Social Studies

Teach history, geography and civics (Social Studies) through proven cooperative learning methods. Students learn the fundamental principles of democracy, only through cooperative, democratic classroom strategies.

1 - Day Workshop & 2 - Day Workshop

Win_Win Discipline

Day 1 Workshop, Day 2 Workshop, Day 3 Workshop, Day 4 Workshop