Kagan Portfolio
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Kagan Australia Portfolio

Kagan Australia Teacher Professional Learning

We have produced a portfolio to provide you with information about Kagan Australia. The portfolio contains the following information:

  1.  Overview about Kagan
  2.  Kagan Structures for Success
  3.  Kagan Professional Development Programs
  4.  Research and Rationale for Adopting Kagan
  5.  Kagan Australia District and School Plans
  6.  Pricing & Fees
  7.  Articles
  8.  I Want to Bring Kagan to My School
  9.  Hosting a Kagan Even

Team up with Kagan Professional Development in Australia to make a dramatic difference in your school!

Download the portfolio to read about Kagan Australia Teacher Professional Learning.

Kagan Portfolio Kagan Portfolio (94757 KB)

For more information call Yvonne on (02) 49824511 or  0429824511 to discuss bringing Kagan Australia to your school or district

Find out about hosting a Kagan training for your school or district. Our fees and costs are outlined and read about the Kagan Philosophy. If you still have questions, then find an answer in our Frequently Asked Questions section. Detailed plans for implementing the training are provided to assist principals and school leaders