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Host A Kagan Workshop at Your School or District

Your school or district can host a world-class Kagan Australia Teacher Professional Learning event.  All Kagan workshops feature a range of transformative Kagan strategies. Our most popular workshops and institutes are in Cooperative Learning. Trainings feature the famous simple Kagan structures which can be incorporated as part of every lesson. Kagan structures take little or no special preparation and immediately enhance engagement and learning. Rather than training complex lesson designs and curriculum modification, the Kagan structures make cooperative learning, social skill development, student management and discipline part of every lesson.

What Does the Host Receive?

The host school receives:

 Generous discounts

 Advertising flyers and brochures to distribute 

 Registration forms

 Advertising of the course on the Kagan Australia website 

 Assistance and advice with every step of planning and implementing the Kagan professional development course

 Administrative support for course registrations, attendance sheets and collection of payments from participants

What Do Hosts Do?

 Assist Kagan Australia with local arrangements

 Help with finding a venue in the local area 

 Help Kagan Australia by making arrangements for catering or provide information about local caterers

 Help by advertising the workshop to other schools in your area

What Will Kagan Australia Do?

We will arrange for a Kagan Australia trainer to come to your school or district.  Kagan will show you how to infuse student engagement into any lesson. You don't have to change your curriculum or plan complex lessons. We provide you simple, step-by step tools that you can easily incorporate into every lesson and every curriculum content.  Kagan Cooperative Learning will give you the "how" to implement the National Curriculum. Our training helps teachers make learning more fun and students achieve at a higher level and celebrate learning success.

 The team of Kagan Australia presenters consists of Nationally Certified Kagan Presenters.

 A Kagan Australia workshop at your school, offers a range of training opportunities including half-day and full-day awareness sessions, single and multi-day workshops.

 Kagan Australia provides a range of ready-made topics, or can create for your site a "designer workshop" to meet your specific needs.

 All Kagan Australia courses are NSW Institute of Teachers approved and meet the requirements for all other state professional development accreditation.

 All Kagan Australia workshops feature a range of transformative Kagan strategies.

Reasons to Bring Kagan Australia Teacher Professional Learning to Your Site

1. It's cost effective.  Now more than ever you must stretch your training dollars as far as possible. On-site training saves you money.

2. It's convenient.  No need to wait for a workshop to come to your area. You select a site and date for your convenience.

3. It's beneficial to all.  When you choose a Kagan workshop, everyone learns new skills and solutions at the same time. This means your teachers are all on the same page, building an inherent support system and fostering schoolwide excitement.

4. It's the best around.  Each of our nationally certified trainers is carefully chosen from over a hundred applicants and trained in the tradition of quality set by the Kagan’s themselves.

5. It's guaranteed.  We guarantee results from our in-service trainings. If you don't agree that the training produced the promised positive results, we'll refund your money.

Kagan Professional Development Programs You May Host

For more information and workshop content outlines click this link or go to Overview of Courses

Call Now to Arrange for a Kagan Workshop at Your School

I would love to work with you to set up a Kagan training for your teachers. I can promise your teachers will receive the best professional development training available, and you will be impressed with how enjoyable both the process for organising the training and the actual training will be. You and your teachers will be glad you called. Talk with you soon!

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Find out about hosting a Kagan training for your school or district. Our fees and costs are outlined and read about the Kagan Philosophy. If you still have questions, then find an answer in our Frequently Asked Questions section. Detailed plans for implementing the training are provided to assist principals and school leaders