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Classbuilding & Teambuilding

2-Day Workshop

Why do teachers who do more teambuilding and classbuilding obtain higher academic scores? Teambuilding and classbuilding create the conditions for learning. When students meet their needs for security and belonging, they are free to engage in higher-level learning. Disruptions and discipline problems decrease, speeding up your teaching and student learning. When students feel safe, known, respected, and appreciated they enjoy school more and are more prepared to work hard and learn well. Come learn from the experts how to create the appropriate context to nurture learning. Provide more nutrients for the brain with energizing classbuilders. Build productive learning teams with a range of teambuilders. Reduce the psychological and emotional distance between classmates and instill in students a sense of belonging. Invest a day focusing on how to create a caring, cooperative context for learning—and reap the benefits for your entire teaching career.

You Will Learn

Improve Your Class Climate through Classbuilding & Teambuilding
  • Create a caring, cooperative classroom through energizing classbuilding activities
  • Learn what is classbuilding
  • Make your lessons come alive
  • Use strategies to reach all your students
  • Develop an understanding of why teachers need to do classbuilding
  • Foster belonging for students of all ability levels
  • Have fun with your students with indoor and outdoor cooperative sports and games
  • Establish a classroom environment where everyone wants to be—including you

Manage Your Class for Success

  • Engage students and avoid classroom disruptions through classbuilding and teambuilding
  • Turn around your difficult students
  • Reduce discipline problems
  • Improve student relations in your class and beyond

Build Your Students’ Social Skills
  • Teach your students the skills they really need to succeed in school and throughout their lives
  • Promote caring, kindness, empathy, respect, and responsibility without separate lessons
  • Develop your students’ character in the context of learning together
  • Improve student relations in your class and beyond

Form Successful Learning Teams
  • Create and manage teams in your class where Together Everyone Achieves More
  • Learn a better approach than simple group work
  • Learn about teambuilding
  • Understand the 5 aims of teambuilding
  • Develop a repertoire of getting acquainted activities
  • Understand the need for team identity and mutual support
  • Increase students ability to value differences in teammates and themselves
  • Develop synergy to increase energy and cooperation
  • Understand the need for random teams
  • Make learning more fun for everyone
  • Engage ALL students

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